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High-quality coconut shell activated carbon processed through a special process, both large flow, high filtration precision and many other advantages,Can well remove the colloidal components in the water, at the same time can greatly enhance the energy value of the hardness ion (activity) To achieve a powerful role of scale.

Innovation results


Micro-osmosis technology
Efficient purification, good water "live" up
Carbon micro-osmosis technology, combined with the pre-microcrystalline activated carbon filter lumens characteristics of the EU Maite, the selection of imported high-quality coconut shell activated carbon, activated carbon powder material and polymer hot melt into microporous materials, through special processes, Sintered at high temperature compression CTO microcrystalline activated carbon filter. Products to maintain the characteristics of large surface area of activated carbon powder material, carbon rod surface smooth, carbon fine pore distribution, excellent porosity, good hydrophilicity, significant filtering effect, the world's highest scientific and technological research results.
Full purification technology
High-precision filtration, purification more thoroughly
Full efficiency purification technology can effectively remove impurities in water, colloids, organic matter, bacteria, heavy metals and other harmful substances, add silver antibacterial technology to remove the smell to improve the taste.

Precision 5 micron PP cotton filter

Effectively filter the water more than 5 microns suspended solids, sediment, eggs, vesicular blisters, rust and other impurities.

UDF granular activated carbon

Strong adsorption of organic matter in water, chemical pesticides, residual chlorine, heterochromatic odor;

CTO compressed activated carbon

Both large flow, high filtration accuracy, adsorption and many other advantages, you can further remove the water of organic and inorganic pollutants.

RO RO membrane

Using aerospace technology, RO membrane pore diameter of 0.0001 microns (equivalent to the size of Escherichia coli 1/6000), can trap bacteria, viruses, organics, colloids, pesticides, heavy metals and most salts in water.

After loading silver activated carbon

Add taste factor, equipped with silver ion technology, inhibit bacterial regeneration, used to remove odor, adjust the water taste.
Water saving technology
Water is not discounted, water-saving and environmentally friendly
The machine in the process of water purification concentrated water back to the link, to detect TDS status, adjust the frequent flushing of concentrated water to extend the life of RO reverse osmosis membrane to achieve water conservation.

Humanized function