• omaito-OMT-RL-02(New product listing)
  • omaito-OMT-RL-02(New product listing)
  • omaito-OMT-RL-02(New product listing)
    OMT-RL-02(New product listing)
    Rapid cooling

    Product Category: Pipeline machine

    Product Size: 320 × 85 × 430mm

    Heating power: 2200W

    Cooling power: 75W

    Power consumption: 0.3kw.H / 24H

    Hot water capacity: 20L / H (≥ 90 ℃)

    Cooling water capacity: 0.5L / H (≤15 ℃)

    Product color:Amber gold

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    Imported water solenoid valve, dual thermal valve with hot water channel, long life, high reliability, cold and hot independent pipe design, eliminate the phenomenon of string temperature, the air completely eliminate the secondary pollution, that is, heat, convenient and quick.

    1、quartz tube heat film heating, three seconds 100% fever really boiling, without waiting

    2、ultra-thin refrigeration, ice-hot, warm heart

    3、intelligent electronic touch panel, child safety lock protection, standby 0 energy saving and environmental protection

    4、toughened glass panel using drawing process, the appearance of fashion luxury


    Dual temperature control

    Anti-overflow technology

    Water shortage reminder

    Child lockl


    Water quality:

    In line with"Drinking Water Quality Processor Health Safety and Function Evaluation Code - Reverse Osmosis Treatment Unit" (2001)requirements (with the use of water purification products)

    Use range:
    Household water

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