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Analysis: water purifier market is huge, join Oumaite need to seize the opportunity

issuing time:2018-01-09   Editor: omaito   

According to the market research report of Omet, the overall consumer families in China's cities are currently under 4%. We can see that the market is huge. Compared with traditional home appliances and building materials projects, the market has huge potential and future development trend. Is the only new force; and, in the next three to five years, China's household water purification market will form a billion scale.

But now the domestic brand of water purifier is very much, the real brand influence and make the market a handful of brands, although the international water purifier brand has many advantages, in addition to Omarte water purifier and other brands in the face of high-end market, the rest Of the brand expensive price, it is difficult to attract mass consumers, the overall water purifier in the market around the top ten brands of water purifiers to form a complete system that allows more operators have very few prospects. In fact, the water purifier industry must also face such a problem, that is, consumers' understanding of the Emet water purifier may not change much in the short term, and this phenomenon may continue for two By three years, because most consumers accept the water purifier products or have some time.

As a local dealer operators, to assess the issue, you can profit margins and consumer groups among them, if the investigation of 100 families, the use of water purifier products have two families, then the rest are potential customer groups, the overall The market will be very large, as long as there is a good marketing approach to find the right Emet water purifier brand management, then hold the trend of the future place, water purifier appliances is the new bright spot in the emerging industries to create unlimited value. Operators of water purifiers, we must really adhere to the brand line of business, to accurately locate better than their own brand development, a clear future development trends and market trends, identify the needs of consumers point.

Since entering the domestic market in 1998, Omete has gone through stormy history since its establishment in 1998. Its production base is located in Shenzhen, Guangdong with a total area of 45,000 square meters. The base of large-scale ultrafiltration membrane research and development has won the title of "Top Ten Brand of Water Purifier "," Top brand of environmental home appliances "and" advanced enterprise of honesty and quality in China "In China, the production base is located in Shenzhen, Guangdong, with a total area of 45,000 square meters. Emet Water Purifier has always been" improving water quality and serving the whole world " , To home water purifier, air purifier-led, to human health and environmental protection as the prerequisite, with high-quality products and perfect service to win the love of Chinese consumers. Eutet water purifier is now facing the national vacancy Join Recruitment Agents, Website: www.omaito.com 24-hour free service hotline: 0755-89346367